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In standard of safety of toy of 1. European Union " do not offer the toy that children uses under 36 months " the age group with applicable place and dangerous limits, as safe as our country toy standard and distinction of standard of international toy safety are bigger.
In standard of 2. European Union " spherule " the distinction such as applicable age group and American standard, our country standard, international standard is bigger, and " spherule " appeared the term without explanation or definition.
In standard of 3. European Union " fill toy " in how much is requirement of needs precision of check needle machine after all?

To accord with EN71-1:05 in 5.2 " fill toy " (A) " soft stuff stuff cannot be contained any hard or keen impurity, be like metallic grain, hammer, needle and keen fragment " requirement, we need to use check needle machine to have a test commonly, but how much is requirement of needs precision of check needle machine after all? EN71-1:05 in did not set. Same question also consist in ASTM F963 - 4.3.7 of 07 " stuff stuff " reach 16CFR 1500.18 " the toy of children taboo and article " (3) in, but GB6675-03 and ISO8124 - 1: 2000 in do not have however about the specific provision of metallic grain cannot be being contained in stuff stuff.

Most major detects it is least and OK that the general metropolis precision attune check needle machine reachs the orgnaization the metallic grain that check gives length be 0.5mm, this kind of practice still has stated reason and scientific basis. Because of ASTM F963 - 4.9.1 of 07 in of cites 16CFR 1500.48 (D) " sophisticated test method " (1) " operation principle " , EN71-1:08.12 of 5, the A.5.9 of GB6675-03 with ISO8124 - 1: 5.9 of 2000 in, pointed to potential acute partial test condition is a requirement " potential acute needle is inserted measure the 0.5mm inside groove or above (namely " potential and most advanced will sunken move into the inductive head that measures lid 0.38mm ± 0.02mm 0.12mm ± 0.02mm or above " ) . And to the person's skin the organization is told, skin is cutaneous the outerest, and skin does not have blood-vessel (won't bleed after cut accordingly) . Human body the cuticular thickness of each place differs, the palm and sole are the thickest, make an appointment with 0.5 ~ 1.5mm, reason basis EN71-1:0The A.9 of 5, the A.E.12 of GB6675-03 with ISO8124 - 1: The E.12 of 2000 eliminate is too sensitive and outside the eye that protects hard, the metallic grain that length is 0.5mm at least is the indicator light that makes the needle nods instrument likely shine and still may make human body certain the skin of place is defeated what bleed even by thorn.

The soft fill data that uses to offerring 3 years old of the following children especially, the skin ply as a result of 3 years old of the following children is thinner than adult much, reason length gives them more easily to cause harm for the metallic grain of 0.5mm and above, and EN71-1:0The A.9 of 5 reach 5.1.C, the A.4.7.1 of GB6675-03. (C) with ISO8124 - 1: Of 2000 4.7.1 (C) in have mention expressly, "The most advanced the largest sectional size that goes up with the toy for 36 months and place of the following children is 2mm or smaller, although press acute needle,do not show certainly when the test for keen and most advanced, still can be maintained to be potential risk keen and most advanced, and the use age group of the use way that can consider a toy to be able to foreknow and toy, decide in order to evaluate most advanced whether to put in unreasonable use harm " , so according to " the risk is the biggest " principle, major detects the check needle machine that the orgnaization uses the metallic grain that can measure a length to be 0.5mm at least is relatively appropriate.
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