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How effective sufficient play installs check gate run efficiency and note employee to bring check matter 1) commute to make sure employee is normal, observe the standard that install check without fail please, because individual reason delays someone else,do not pass normally. 2) alignment is discharged by order when coming off work, before installing check gate not lest elbow collides the door that install check, disturb its to work normally. 3) when personnel passes the door that install check, employee does not span from the back use a line, personnel of advanced face passes the Menjuan that install check completely check door can continue to pass without the ability when calling the police, perhaps guide employee to pass by the member that ensure public security or later. 4) when passing the door that install check, walk by regular pattern, do not want face plate of lay a finger on. 5) fragmentary sundry, wait like coin, key, mobile phone, chewing gum, clear before the examination come out to put station of place other people, cannot carry this kind of article to pass the door that install check at the same time. 6) prohibit carrying cigarette to enter a workshop, if somebody takes cigarette to give a workshop, check surely by accident. 7) a few opaque wrap up, paper bag all does not take a workshop, lest incur loss through delay brings check time. 8) if individual person waits not to set,carry out, check is installed afresh again after asking its to discharge acting someone else of team remaining part to pass. 9) employee dress is buckled without the metal, slide fastener, be versed in suggest to use plastic material to pledge entirely on card, reduce interference factor, rise through. The member that ensure public security is directive 1) uphold employee order, in personnel relatively a long time, maintain employee not to want jam to be by the side of the door that install check, maintain employee to be apart from the door that install check to be apart from certainly. 2) employee is passed normally and without call the police, do not need to clew employee stops or be passed, let employee consciousness in order pass, need to call the police alertly only sound and show try to control again. 3) the movement when advertent employee is passed, let employee resemble be being passed euqally on foot usually, if have stuff slow through, remind its the attention does not affect other employee. 4) employee is passed when calling the police, advertent lamp indication limits, remind employee whether here has metallic article to be on the body. 5) when general blame is busy, one person value is defended can, when the height that install check, due two people value is defended, one person basically undertakes observe and maintaining order, another person undertakes to producing the employee that call the police with hand explore hand explore is checked.

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