Prevent food to machine the effective method of contaminant
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Existing inevitably to food treatment the risk of interfuse contaminant. Once people edible contains the provision of metallic eyewinker or vitreous stone, can injure the oral cavity, digestion such as esophagus badly. Be in field, as a result of the damaged of metallic farming appliance and interfuse metal, metalloid contaminant waits in glass of stone of interfuse of the hard to avoid in reaping picked process; In carriage process, put in the risk of interfuse contaminant likewise.

Metallic detector becomes food to machine crucial reference point

Current, a few countries already endangered HACCP analysis and crucial reference point namely (HazardAnalysisCriticalControlPoint) the code that list a person is mandatory carry out, connect after examining first to importing what partial aquatic product executes close, the metallic foreign body that has to refrigerant aquatic product detects already made crucial reference point. Once check gives metallic foreign body, all goods will carry with returning or destroy by melting or burning. The enterprise obtains green permit to enter an international market, to HACCP guarantee system carry out also take seriously increasingly. Efficient, stable metal detects machine a when become the flesh that contains metallic impurity, birds, vegetable and sea product can to flow to the market solid protective screen, effectively ensured the safety of food.

Metallic detector and X ray detect function is compared

The main index of metallic detector is to detect sensitivity, the smallest metal that can detect namely. The factor that affects metallic detector sensitivity has:

● is different metallic type

Can divide to metallic detector it is 2 kinds: Permeability metal (wait like iron, manganese, nickel) with conductivity metal (like copper, stannum, stainless steel 316 wait) . Iron has very strong magnetic field reaction, namely permeability is very strong, make original flux increases, metallic detector detects easily. 316 stainless steel are without magnetism, electric very weak sex, make original flux abate, metallic detector is difficult detect.

X ray detects suffer object density effect only, after combining the computer to analyse by X ray system accordingly, can discover aleatoric bigger density and the contaminant that have clear edge. This is meant glass, cobble, plastic below most circumstance escape hard also with bone a mind which perceives both past and future. Compare with traditional metal detector, another large dominant position: As a result of most metal (iron metal, nonferrous metal and stainless steel) density is similar, accordingly they detect sensitivity is identical. Do not need those who differ to distinguish according to metallic type euqally to metallic detector detect sensitivity. Because X ray is had advanced into measure ability like ability and object check, because this is most,the X ray below the circumstance compares metallic detector to have taller sensitivity. Let our illustrate: The 316 stainless steel that traditional metal detector can monitor diametical 2.5-3.5mm bead, and ray of the X below a lot of circumstances can detect easily the 316 stainless steel of <1.5mm bead.
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