Baidu collects reductive reason and settle way
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Baidu collects reductive problem, a lot of stationmaster has been encountered, be like severe drop recently. The Baidu that I see a lot of friends say him website is indescribable recently is collected decrease, some is being returned did not find a reason, without appropriate settlement method. Baidu is collected decrease to also be by some friend name " Baidu depilates " or " Baidu cuts the flesh " how to solve Baidu to collect decrease

If be new station, appear to decrease suddenly, actually also it doesn't matter can worry, because Baidu and Google are different is restricted comfortable, but stable, have particular demand to the page, updating content is step up. And Baidu, what like to do most is to collect new station, if the page is collected, arrange slowly next.

Specific reason possibility is too much, have a few kinds about, come out common reason line. Look please below:

(1) website is cogged.

Reason: Pile up for instance key word, recessive character is waited a moment. If appear such circumstance, baidu calculates had collected you, do not rejoice him deceive pass a barrier, when because be in,be being updated, also meet slowly of eliminate. 2 grade domain name and rich guest across join.

Means of settlement: ? of duty of pilfer of alliance of Sun haze brandish revises his page well at once! Additional, 2 grade domain names are used not overly in disorder. Join of rich guest across is useless now, it is OK that 9 connections accept inside, much take out.

(2) website is normative

Reason: Caption and keyword (KeyWords) is overmuch, some stationmaster like to put in the key word related the search, you put 10 thousand trashy also. Still have even if describe (Description) is unreasonable, if you are new station, this absolutely and useful, want to had been installed.

Means of settlement: 34 key word take in caption enough, too much Baidu does not like. Proposal setting is name of page theme special subject website name. As to the keyword, you were added irrespective, but at least the page should appear nod relevant content. Descriptive setting is very simple, as long as the language is clear and coherent, do to the page probably summary, appear 3 times two key word is enough.

(3) website quality

Reason: Content is collected entirely almost come, and it is collection very popular essay. Baidu can collect you suddenly thousands of page, but after Baidu is collected, inside proper time, can retrieve afresh, if your content does not have value, be discarded.

Means of settlement: After collecting, revise republication a little. Not too lazy, you are moved start work, browse the article simply, change paragraph or partial content, have the place with dot and different other people at least. What achieve formerly became much best, additional explicit page leaves a copyright message. Reprinted word also can stay----The article is arranged: XXX website Http:XXXXXX

(4) website joins

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