The door that install check is not " there is a metal to cry on the body "
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"Welcome aboard, had taken mobile phone, key next installing please check, thank! " last night 7 when 30 minutes, be in the urban district before door of center of a large recreation, guest in threes and fours enters bar recreation, in security personnel clew falls, they take out the metallic article such as the key in the pocket to cooperate to check in succession. It is reported, this public place of entertainment took the lead in using the door that install check in Yangzhou. Staff member introduction, just began many guests to pay no attention to solution, through try out of period of time, everybody also was used to. Illegal element ever wanted to carry control article to come in, but see the door that install check, be forced to turn around. This let security reduce a lot of needless troubles.

Mention the door that install check, many citizens are not unfamiliar, "This I know! There should be iron on your body only, it can cry " . Majority citizen knows to bring the use of check door, some has had experience even.

"Not be the metropolis when all metal article is passed call the police, its susceptibility can adjust. " police introduction, when the guest enters the public place of entertainment such as bar, a few small metal article that carry are like coin, button to wait, how won't the course call the police when check door. And a few bigger metal article such as mobile phone, key, can cause when the course call the police sound, the guest needs to draw out these article, install check gate too again. Wait for dangerous article as to appliance of explosive article and firearms ammo, control, natural more nowhere escape form.