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A few prevent practically cheat skill, help the cunning scheme of cheater of you
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Gain ground as what the computer reachs Internet with development, shop on the net also stealthily arisen, many youthful white-collar personages choose to be in now clean out treasure, easy interest, pat send the goods that oneself buy to like in inn waiting for a net, but face numerous businessman, the commodity of full of beautiful things in eyes, buy the home not less not to know how to choose, at the same time to selling the home character, also cannot choose to buy the home well, how can just accomplish shop in the network in trading, be not cheated, this affirmation is the issue that ten million taxes friendly attention, I am shared here today, the network shops a few medium prevent cheat essentials. Hope everybody is in in the future can find sth useful. One of: Examine sell the home / the attestation information that buys the home, trap of vigilant and false attestation.
In no matter be store user or individual user,clean out treasure, want to have corresponding label through attestation only, everybody can see well carefully, often be cheated on the net now buy the home or sell the home, pay no attention to this attestation at all namely, the account that taxes on treasure a lot of novice to buy the home for example passes without attestation at all, such buying, I feel to sell the home people would rather not want deal, lest be deceived. Conversely to buying the home character, when the choice sells the home well, want to see attestation, additionally is below the credit evaluation that is about to mention. Secondly: Examine sell the home / the credit evaluation that buys the home, vigilant credence acclaims trap.
Shop on the net, credit evaluation is very important, why business of store of a lot of diamond is so much, this is them the result that sincere letter manages, examine so sell the home / the credit evaluation that buys the home is essential one condition. A lot of buy the home (what be decieved in alliance last is naughty friendly) carelessness is compared when examining an evaluation, should seeing only is 5 hearts or diamond, it is good to think it is certain that this store opens credit, actually but did not examine actually at all sell the home or buy a true credence to evaluate, especially the cheater on the net sells the home, their credit evaluation is hype those who come out (cleaning out treasure to acclaim credit to ill will is to want those who get penalty) , their evaluation often is the opinion that a few same ID number have auctioning will arise, and time-interval is very short, such credence looks to know be a holiday, such shop must notice when everybody shops, lest be duped. Thirdly: Examine the price of commodity, vigilant price and gift trap (to buying the home character) .
In clean out a lot of cheater in treasure to sell a metropolis to decide the commodity price in him inn very lowly (general metropolis under market price severalfold) , everybody must notice such commodity, it is the trap of cheater certainly, returning those who a bit need reminds is, cheater sells the home to return the way with another kind of gift, shop for instance full 5000 give of 500 to the gift of 1000 ah, which have the world this kind is meddlesome, even if have just also won't let you encounter, little still corrupt small advantage had better, lest is in an unfavorable situation be duped. Its 4: Examine deliver goods record, vigilance delivers goods trap.
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