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The country adopts inspect appoint the requirement strengthens exit toy quality
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The reporter identifies inspect from the country appoint understanding arrives, for cogent safeguard our country exports toy product quality, the country adopts inspect appoint organizing a place actively to identify inspect branch to strengthen exit toy quality to permit (register register) the job.
Quality of executive exit toy permits (register register) the product of the system includes: Toy of cloth cloth with soft nap (software fill toy) , Zhu Mu toy, plastic toy, by ride a toy (bear the weight of the toy of children weight) , toy of baby carrier, report, paper makes toy, similar writing material kind modelling of toy, software kind toy, eject toy, metal toy. Each place examines quarantine bureau wants according to new release " exit toy quality is permitted (register register) the job carries out detailed rules " , " exit toy quality is permitted (register register) working enterprise examine and verify asks " etc perfect, adjust exit quality to permit (register register) the job, the toy exit quality that issues to machining enterprise, management company to production instantly permits (register register) card according to new issuance relevant regulation has comprehensive check: The discovery in working to check wins card business of problem of existence of quality management and product safety hierarchy of control, should suspend exporting toy quality to permit instantly (register register) certificate, ask to be rectified and reform instantly, the revoke exit quality with serious clue is permitted (register register) certificate. The country adopts inspect appoint at the same time requirement place examines quarantine branch side, hurried, help up new bring into quality to permit (register register) administrative toy (toy of woodiness, paper quality) the enterprise accords with a requirement as soon as possible, obtain exit quality to permit (register register) certificate.

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