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The inarticulate in popular feeling of low competition machinery is painful
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Origin: Alibaba machining forum netizen: Grow I Editor's note: Whether has the product of low become one of robot heart painful? Cheap and fine admittedly good, but petty gain does not have good money also is the truth, the long I gentleman that sees our forum is how look upon of this problem. Nod this to enter stick formerly often listen to an enterprise to be in advertise when conduct propaganda so state: Cheap of qualitative actor price; The price is low and not imply quality downshift. And I always object, I still believe this common saying quite: Petty gain does not have good money, good money is not cheap! Popularly is told, my individual thinks: If the price of mechanical product the 30% above under regular price (fall up and down in cost price foundation namely) , its quality can drop somewhat certainly! (Do not include special case) . For instance present cable electrical wiring, do not have certainly original thick, have so thick do not have enough length certainly! Still for instance machine tool equipment, present scarcely is like original tonnage to weigh! Cost is high, can not go on the price, how to do? Be forced jerry! So I say, the price is the assurance of quality. But some clients are very sly: Charge petty gain wants high-quality goods money again, it is good to want Ma Er again want Ma Er not to browse again. The price is so low that the price let you approximate workshop cost, approach material fund even! And on quality he agrees to loosen not at all. Meet this kind of client, as factory of type of production too impracticable! Old fool encounters a such trouble this year, it is good to make me long big a lesson! Last year, my former unit often works in the same place (the sale) that makes gear of pulverous metallurgy lubricating oil pump only, find me to want me to make gear of a batch of lubricating oil pump for him. This a precision is tall very complex, early a few years the price is 18 yuan, price of quality goods of lead plane form a complete set is controlled in 12 yuan now, fittings price 8-9 or so yuan. And his make a price only 6 yuan, general iron noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch can be used on raw material, want to be able to be installed only on quality can use go, and the card that the product does not play me. I begin to have doubt very much, but via living him repeatedly beg and explanation. He is old sale, the client runs morer than me, wish to assume quality risk again, natural and authentic he. Plus me at that time business at leisure, if reduce quality level,6 yuan price still has the profit of 10% , then I was produced by his commission. Goods is to be given out, he also paid my money, but to this year in April, my afraid thing happened really! He tells me to say, the product is not durable, the client asks to return money. At this moment he and I am urgent! Up to now I and he still does not know how to handle this issue. This matter gave me an extremely deep lesson! I will hold to all wool and a yard wide principle on product value henceforth: Want to hold to value principle already, should hold to quality principle more, both all cannot shake! Personal true substance is met, do not know everybody to He Jian teachs? Wish with what discuss!
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