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Project of safety of textile of imports and exports examines normative brief int
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Afterwards on January 1, 2005, our country begins to carry out mandatory national level GB18401 " national spin product is basic and safe technical standard " later, on September 30, 2005, total bureau of national qualitative check releases condition of discrepancy of People's Republic of China formally to examine SN/T1649-2005 of quarantine occupation standard " safe project of textile of imports and exports examines standard " (the following abbreviation " standard " ) , carry out formally at rising on May 1, 2006. On March 20, 2006, total bureau of national qualitative check allotted " textile of good about doing imports and exports and dress safety, sanitation and prevent con project to examine the announcement of concerned job " , the safe project that decided key of dress of textile of current imports and exports detects and examine superintendency requirement, make the safety of dress of textile of our country imports and exports, sanitation is mixed thereby prevent con project to examine the job stepped materiality pace.
One, our country is made " standard " setting and meaning
Our country is textile trade big country, 2005 amount of imports and exports of countrywide textile garment one hundred and thirty-two billion one hundred and seventy million dollar, 9.29% what hold total of imports and exports of countrywide goods commerce, exit increase rate maintains 20% above 3 years continuously, it is the country pledges check total bureau examines one of kinds of superintendency exits and entrance is big commodity, its type of merchandise amounts to on 1000 kinds. Come nearly 10 years, harmful to remaining in textile material puts forward abroad requirement of set limit to forms barrier of technology of blame custom duty in international trade, to the textile of our country exit brought huge concussion, the azo dyes that is like amine of the formaldehyde, dissoluble scent that cause cancer, contain the safe project such as chloric phenol, heavy metal nickel to all include certain state or area (organization) law, code, become restrict and restrict his country the method that textile enters this locality market. Additional, because at present a lot of import dry goods did not include our country " discrepancy condition examines quarantine orgnaization is carried out examine the condition of pass in and out of quarantine catalogue " in, do not belong to namely legal examine commodity, the examination that together with lack concerns the quality statement such as safe project and the project such as use mark to importing dry goods and supervisory management strength, and the safe consciousness of the sale personnel of company of the company of a few production of our country, foreign trade and importer lack textile, in the oversight when signing contract or agreement clause of concerned safety project, bring about standard of quality of project of safety of market of domestic import dry goods is at present uneven.
Fulfil to carry out " inspection of import and export merchandise of People's Republic of China carries out byelaw " , cogent make dry goods of good imports and exports safe, sanitation and prevent what wait for a project false to examine superintendency job, come through sum up and drawing lessons from our country 10 years especially project of safety of textile of imports and exports examines working experience, make examine quarantine system standard, unified, convenient, maneuverability is strong " standard " imperative. It to promoting the orderly development of textile trade, product of limitative abroad undesirable spin enters our country, span to having very important sense with camp of technology of textile of avoid developed country. Also fall in new condition for spin product at the same time executive safety, sanitation and prevent waited for a visual inspection check to provide strong technical basis false.
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