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Chinese Taiwan drafts dress and amendment of dress label standard
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The label level that Chinese Taiwan held to the dress kimono that made in August 2006 on September 19, 2006 made edit, supplementary the requirement of the telephone number of an indicative manufacturer or importer, so that provide the necessary information of related goods to consumer. This additional the label that indicative information asks to go up in order to seam in the dress or pensile label form designation are in the body place of the product, indicative perhaps be inside of packing or outside. Additional, country of origin marks the label form that ought to go up in order to seam in the dress is indicative, add content of such as fiber and note, the in a sense will tell, these label ought to be put in remarkable proper locally, and after catharsis, the information of place designation won't by worn-out perhaps eliminate. Country of origin and other information are same also ought to on the outer packing that designation installs in dress kimono.

This draft resolution already on August 16, 2006 north is approved and on August 16, 2007 become effective.

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