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Travel shoe is bought, maintain little common sense
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1, travel shoe line of the products is various, gym shoes having a net, basket gym shoes, recreational shoe, slow running shoes is waited a moment, consumer should understand the function that buys a shoe when buying travel shoe, avoid to use undeserved, cause factitious damage.

2, understanding footwear sizes is one of keys that choose appropriate shoe. Footwear sizes is one of features with a pair of the mainest shoes. Think footwear sizes is the delegate of crural accident commonly, when buying a shoe, pay close attention to the size of footwear sizes only, the fertilizer of very few however care and foot is thin relevant shoe. In fact, of a pair of shoes close a base, concern with length of foot not only, and the fertilizer with the foot is thin about, thin to fertilizer label is model. Shoe: The shoe fertilizer that represents a shoe is thin, have 1 model to 5 model. 1 model the delegate is the thinnest model, 5 model the delegate is the fattest model, 3 model the delegate is not fat not thin. Still have 2 in addition model half, 3 model wait partly. At present our country shoe kind the shoe on the market all presses national level GB/T3293.1-l998 " footwear sizes " requirement mark footwear sizes.

3, when buying travel shoe, should notice to whether close a base. If dress is uncomfortable, scarcely wants to buy. Do not expect to wearing the shoe in using a process to be able to greaten, want to try on when buying a shoe every time, and two feet want to try on, buy a shoe by that the largest base. The attention wraps head part to answer the space is enough, make toe can extend is unlocked.

4, travel shoe should fixed cleanness. When shoe of travel of clean light face, want to use the dirt of dry soft cloth or surface of leather of rub-up of wet soft cloth and besmirch; Eradicator can be used when shoe of face of clean white change or wash clean essence to wipe, but cannot use bleacher. If use soft when brushing clean travel shoe, should gently scrub, do not have exerted oneself to do sth. fierce. Should avoid when travel shoe is clean soggy, insolate or high temperature drying, lest cause ageing, be out of shape, fade reach wire side to rupture.

5, dermal travel shoe often should hit oil to be spent in order to assure the tenacity He Guangliang of leather, smooth face leather can maintain with leather oily, shoe of travel of white change face can use leather to maintain on oil or besmear achromatic shoeshine.

6, travel shoe should avoid to be contacted with edge tool, also cannot long wait for a contact with chemical, smeary water, rainwater, shoe often should be replaced wear, when be not being worn, usable shoe is maintained or hard paper is maintained avoid to be out of shape.