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The person that the glean and collect scraps is collected south Shanghai abstain
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Last week, somebody is in south collect Zhou Pu to press down Zhu Jiazhai to be in building site to discover silver dollar, the person that come from the glean and collect scraps of each district begins to gather in building site, search with all sorts of self-restrained detector " baby " , appeared even expect of night of 24 little time, silver dollar of for fear that beside " run away " . Reporter from south the museum that collect an area learns, the silver dollar that comes up out of land at present is the money with current period of the Republic of China, vendibility is in every 70 yuan or so. Current, police had established cordon in the spot, and paste annunciate, forbidden have nothing to do personnel enters building site spot. The villager: Village accident discovers silver dollar last week, lived in Zhu Jiazhai 50 old Ms. Zhou ladies are heard suddenly outside someone cries " dug gold " , go out to look, in the jar of size of a basketball replete silver dollar, 30 many glean and collect scrapses person laughing so that close not approach mouth. These glean and collect scrapses person it is to use self-restrained metallic detector to undertake exploration in the ground. Everybody thinks was to discover iron, thinking of to meet is silver dollar. The numerous dweller that lives around is recollected, this house should have the history that controls 100 years, the dweller that lives inside now is the earliest it is to go up 50 time move the century into this house. Because house of near future part is demolished, this ability lets bury see light again in subterranean silver dollar. Public security: Had recovered reporter of partial silver dollar to learn from police, after receiving masses to call the police, police pulled cordon in the spot instantly, undertake be limitatived strictly to the personnel of pass in and out inside building site area. Still be near cautionary area paste annunciate, to everybody relevant law laws and regulations rules propagandist country. Police had recovered a part by the glean and collect scraps person the silver dollar that digs. Zhou Pu presses down town government to also send a person to maintain order to the spot, for fear that because glean and collect scraps person fool scrape silver dollar and produce an accident. Act to can adopting mining further next, still do not have a decision at present. The controller of building site expresses, below constabulary help, at present the construction of building site was not affected basically, everything is normal. Museum: This silver dollar is worth Guo Nakai of curator of house of 70 yuan of Na Huibo content every to introduce, look from the case that shows level understanding, these silver dollar should be the coin with current period of the Republic of China, vendibility is 70 yuan every about. The position of these coin bury is in the distance the ground is controlled half meters, the time as a result of this land changes is more, who is the person that judge the bury of these coin very hard now accordingly after all, what is the motive of bury after all, after the expert needs further analysis, integrated each respect circumstance, ability leaves final conclusion. "Nevertheless, the coin that these coming up out of land is right south the research that collects local history is beneficial still. " (reporter Guo Wen
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