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British father and son searchs treasure to be in farm gouge chiliad " pirate tre
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Farm of father and son searchs treasure   accident gouge " treasure silver-colored canister " subterranean metal detector   British museum will announce this one major discovery first on July 19. It is reported, andrew · of 35 years old power the survey of a land of city of at present of interest of Lan Shiying state member, he and father of 60 years old are defended greatly is explore treasure lover, often search treasure to British each district together. This year in January, power orchid father and son heads for boreal York county to breath out area of Luo Gai spy again a farm around, taking detector of metal of two appropriative that find treasure to saunter everywhere inside the farm. Because they ever also were counted before this second had searched to this one area, but found a few sheet metal only, because this is hopeless also,discover what thing. Invite father and son however two open-eyed is, before long, metallic detector of David issues canorous alarm signal suddenly. Subterranean metal detector   father and son two stop instantly, genuflect is on the ground and excavate clay is searched. After David dug earth of a few shovels, signal is more strong. Very fast, they from underground about 1 meter place, gouge about 13 centimeters a shut up that be sealed by clay, tall silver-colored canister, and all round silver-colored canister crowded the filler that is a protective action apparently. Subterranean metal detector   the carver of this silver-colored canister is very elegant, adornment is returned to have animal and grapevine pattern on outside face. Father and son two more curious, immediately is cautious the clay on ground unclench silver. But after they open silver-colored canister, be gotten by Jing immediately dumbfounded -- , in silver-colored canister unexpectedly crowded hundreds silver and much gold jewelry!
Subterranean metal detector
617 silver 65 headgear   is Northman completely " booty "
Subterranean metal detector
Power orchid father and son is contacted with the expert of British museum instantly. Subsequently, museum expedites an expert, have identification to this batch of treasure. According to expert statistic, power orchid this batch of cultural relic of gouge of father and son, add up to has 617 silver and 65 other antique that include golden bracelet, necklace to wait inside, and Duogenke can be the silver bar that ancient time uses appropriative money. The expert concludes, their all is the true goods that value does not poor! The expert says, necklace is made by pure gold, prove these article belong to chieftain of a pirate probably. Pirate often is in the hour that encounters risk rises treasure secret bury. After   expert inspects detector, subterranean metal concludes, the bury time of this batch of treasure is OK all the time restrospect to the Christian era 10 centuries. The Christian era 927 years, mediaeval inchoate England once flourishing temporarily independent kingdom -- , Nuosenbuliya is regnal, by the full case of pirate of Yu Beiou of one's previous experience rash - Saxon conquers again, many folk money and valuables is plundered.
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