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Can your enterprise become Olympic Games sponsor? Condition of Olympic Games spo
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As we have learned, good to do sponsor plans to carry out the job, BOCOG undertook many market survey works before this, involve an industry to include equipment of network of service of content of equipment of electric home appliances
Special case originality, reach win-win

Beijing Olympic Games developed a field in the market 2008, also appeared a few new phases. Before development of Olympic Games market, abide by " exclusiveness " principle, namely an industry an enterprise participates in be patient of the Olympic Games, gift the power that supports business monopoly, utmost ground ensured the commercial increase that supports an industry, the intangible assets that makes Olympic Games brand accordingly grows day and day, what realize Olympic Games and assistance enterprise thereby is double win.
But become in swallow Beijing beer 2008 after sponsor of Beijing Olympic Games only a day, the another old famous brand of domestic beer industry -- Qingdao beer, also joined the procession of sponsor of Beijing Olympic Games. Swallow Beijing beer and Qingdao beer are together 2008 sponsor of beer of Olympic Games country, add what with international Olympic committee the autograph made an appointment with 2004 2008 sponsor of beer of Olympic Games international -- 100 power beer, beijing Olympic Games had 3 beer sponsor at a draught. This has those who be contrary to to be developed about Olympic Games market at international Olympic committee it seems that " exclusiveness " principle. To this, yuan Bin expresses, sponsor of below the autograph 3 beer really " accord with international Olympic Games not completely ' exclusiveness ' principle " , but this is " special case " .

"This is BOCOG and course of international Olympic committee exchange views seriously for many times, considering beer (category) a kind of when make below a Beijing Olympic Games is located kind of special environment and condition special arrangement.
Because cannot be enjoyed alone " discharge him to counterpoise " , how to make sure 3 beer company can be in the process that supports an Olympic Games implementation " win more " and won't baleful competition? BOCOG had reached consensus with tripartite, "In conduct propaganda formal respect has a few particular demands to them, hope every enterprise can abide by consensus, the conduct propaganda that fills minute of him exercise on one hand popularizes rights and interests, respect each other with other company at the same time " . Company of these 3 beer besides differring somewhat on the appellation in the sponsor, be popularized in conduct propaganda and recieve the rights and interests that waits for a respect to enjoy to agree basically.
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