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Business of contribution of 5.12 earths shake mixes plain of short of Wenshui Ri
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Seismic subscription list
A list of names posted up of individual love providing disaster relief

Shao ease husband inscription of Guo stage of 100 million Hongkong dollar 60 million Li Zejie 20 million Hongkong dollar of 20 million Zhu Shuhao Yang Huiyan 10 million pieces of mattress 10 million He Hong 燊 Ceng Xianzi of 10 million Hongkong dollar Huo Jianning of 10 million Hongkong dollar

Harbor, bay, a list of names posted up of stage love providing disaster relief

Hong Kong Red Cross group of model of stage of 150 million HK dollar 100 million Fuji health Tai Darun of embellish of 60 million Taiwan sends group of sea of grand of 60 million Taiwan group of 50 million garden of Taiwan continuous heavy rain 50 million Li Jiacheng foundation fund of 30 million Li Lianjie one 28.05 million Taiwan Jimeiji round

A list of names posted up of abroad Chinese love providing disaster relief

Business of abroad live abroad total chamber of commerce of China of 68.5 million Japan 5 million yen

A list of names posted up of transnational corporation love providing disaster relief

Group of Indonesian golden light 20 million GE is general and electric group of hope of east of 2 million dollar 10 million small soft group establishs group of SK of 10 million Korea 10 million days group 9 million Kendeji, surely win 3 million flying benefit riverside of guest China 2 million Le Fu 2 million contented family name of China of 2 million Motolora is chemical 2 million on the west

International orgnaization reachs a list of names posted up of love of each country government providing disaster relief

Sand is special 500 million yen England of Japan of 60 million dollar Korea of 1 million pound Germany of 1 million dollar 500 thousand dollar France of United States of first 500 thousand euro United Nations Children's Fund Commission of 250 thousand euro Poland of 300 thousand dollar hospital of Italy of 100 thousand dollar, goods and materials, continue to help Russia 4 batches of goods and materials already carried two batches of Norway 20 million Norway Kelangxi
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