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List of sponsor of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, list of sponsor of Beijing Olympi
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Today is the day of the great rejoicing that the 2008 Olympic Games of Beijing that millions of people fixes eyes upon kick off, expected long already Olympic Games to begin as agreed upon eventually, do you know how to much home there is to partner of Olympic Games assistance? It is list of Olympic Games sponsor below: Global partner
Dispatch of Coke Cola source is general and electric Kodak associates pine of Europe rice eggplant issues grand benefit Mcdonald's SamSung power person

International beer sponsor
100 power beer

2008 partners of Beijing
Group of automobile of public of company of group of mobile of China of company of group of natural gas of oil of China of company of petro-chemical group of China of company of group of communication of network of China of Bank of China (China) Adidasi is born by force (China) Inc. of insurance of property of people of China of Inc. of aviation of China International of investment limited company

2008 sponsors of Beijing
Inc. of beer of Beijing of swallow of Beijing of Inc. of beer of Qingdao of company of Sohu of company of group of UPS sea Er

Beijing 2008 sponsor of Olympic Games dairy produce
Group of moon cake of Yi benefit Beijing is bought